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Welcome to Sangha Spot -  Yoga & Wellness centre in Muizenberg village  Cape Town



Sangha spot yoga & wellness centre is conveniently situated in the heart of Muizenberg village in Cape Town and offers a variety of yoga classes and therapies.


The yoga classes are held in our beautiful airy studio, filled with light and a tranquil spirit.


The Yoga classes we offer are suitable for students of all levels.


You are welcome to visit Sangha Spot in Muizenberg to experience the variety of healthy practices on offer.










With the new month we prepared a new timetable for you. 


The Wednesday morning 8:30 class with Rahle and Wednesday evening 18:30 class with Andre have been cancelled until further notice. If you want to join Andre's yoga class, you can try his class on Monday at 18:45.



For some reason the attendance on Wednesdays has dropped substantially in the last couple of months, so we have decided to add a new class to the Thursday evening schedule. Rahle has been teaching late the Monday evening classes which have proven to be very successful, so we have decided to add another late evening yoga class on Thursday 20:00 - 21:15.  Click late evening yoga for more info.



This month Karyn is taking a well deserved holiday and will not be able to teach three of her regular morning classes. Please note the cancellation of the following classes:


Tuesday 30th June @ 8:30 am

Tuesday 7th July @ 8:30 am

Thursday  9th July @ 8:30 am


 July Timetable






  If you are in a dark on what to do on these long hours of power cuts, and if you are one of these people who try to make the most of the bad situation, why not join us for a candlelit yoga class. Give yourself a treat and experience a serene yoga practice in a quiet Muizenberg Village under the candle light. 



With love

The Sangha Spot team











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Therapies available at Sangha Spot yoga & wellness centre:


Energetic Healing  by Lee Raeburn

cell 071 567 1196, email



Educational Psychology  and Hypnotherapy by Mae Naude

cell 082 468 2221, email


Psychology   by Angela Hough-Maxwell

cell 083 516 8209, email








Regular classes at Sangha Spot  -  JULY timetable




For enquires or bookings contact Marjana

cell  083 556 3756




To subscribe to our newsletter, send an email to

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Class rates



Drop-in class:  R80 per class

5 class card:  R350 (R70 per class)

8 class card:  R520 (R65 per class)

Cards valid for 8 weeks from date of purchaseYoga Class rates:
drop-in fee: R80
*5 class card with one teacher: R350 (R70 per class)
*8 class card with one teacher: R520 (R65 per class)
*10 class card redeemable by two different teachers: R650 (R65 per class)
*Class cards are valid for 10 weeks

NIA dance Class rates:
drop-in fee: R80
*4 class card with one teacher: R280 (R70 per class)
*8 class card with one teacher: R480 (R60 per class)
*Class cards are valid for 10 weeks





Drop-in class:  R80 per class

4 class card:  R280 (R70 per class)

8 class card:  R480 (R60 per class)

Cards valid for 2 months from date of purchase

Yoga Class rates:
drop-in fee: R80
*5 class card with one teacher: R350 (R70 per class)
*8 class card with one teacher: R520 (R65 per class)
*10 class card redeemable by two different teachers: R650 (R65 per class)
*Class cards are valid for 10 weeks

NIA dance Class rates:
drop-in fee: R80
*4 class card with one teacher: R280 (R70 per class)
*8 class card with one teacher: R480 (R60 per class)
*Class cards are valid for 10 weeks








Late Evening classes with Rahle 


Experience late evening Classes with Rahle every:


Monday 20:15 - 21:15

Thursday 20:00 - 21:15


Most people who have heard of yoga have heard of the benefits you derive from it, that it makes the body stronger and more flexible. Other benefits include reduced stress, emotional stability, improved sleep and clarity of mind.


The Monday and Thursday night Iyengar classes are slightly later classes, specifically to appeal to people who have busy schedules or who have family commitments that make it difficult to come earlier.

You can expect a fine balance of challenge and relaxation in the classes. There is a focus on strong poses in the first part of the class to warm up the body, get the blood and energy flowing, focusing attention and bringing awareness to the body. This dissolves away the stress of the day, allowing the mind and body to be refreshed, recover and reconnect. The second part of the class counters this with cooling, restorative poses, soothing the nervous system, calming the mind and preparing the body for a good night's sleep.


A light meal can be eaten a few hours before class and one should not eat for at least an hour after class. This is to prevent any nausea or strain on the body while the food is being digested.



For more information about Rahle and Iyengar yoga visit or email





Introducing Yoga teachers at Sangha Spot




Rahle Dusheiko


Rahle's journey with Iyengar Yoga started in 1999, with a single book, "Yoga – The Iyengar Way". Since the beginning, she has always been very interested in the practice, methodology and philosophy of yoga. Her interest in anatomy feeds her understanding of yoga’s effect on the physical body, while the study of yogic philosophy helps merge that with the mental and spiritual aspects.

It has always fascinated Rahle that the challenges confronted, both on the mat and off the mat, are similar, as are their solutions. She is deeply passionate about helping people find ease in their bodies and balance in their lives through yoga. After an incredible and life changing journey, she completed the 3 year Introductory certification through the Iyengar Institute of South Africa, under the expert guidance and support of her teacher Brigitta Tummon, along with the other incredibly wise and knowledgable Iyengar teacher trainers in Cape Town.

She has attended workshops given by international teachers such as Stephanie Quirk, Lois Steinberg, the late Mary Dunn, John Schumacher, Faeq Biria, Raya Datta and Corinne Biria.

She also had the privilege of attending classes overseas of James Murphy New York) and Gabriella Giubilaro (Florence). 

In her classes, you can expect thoughtfully planned sequences which will both challenge you and foster learning about the wonderful art and science of yoga. You will definitely feel calmer, a sense of well-being and gain a deeper insight into yourself.







André Kunkel

André, a passionate Kitesurfer and Surfer has been practicing Yoga since 2004. He was lead to Yoga through disease that was detrimental to his kite surfing. He took up Yoga for relief and healing. Not only did the Yoga practice help to cure the disease but it resonated with André so much that he became a dedicated practitioner almost immediately.

 His focus and love for the practice progressed from purely physical to spiritual. In 2009 André attended a 300hr teacher training course in Sivananda Yoga at the centre of Yoga Vidya in Germany. In 2011 he came to live in Cape Town, leaving his life as a mechanical engineer to pursue his passions of yoga and kitesurfing.

His personal practice, and the way he teaches is focused on breath, strength, flexibility and relaxation. All aspects are both, purely physical as well as mental . With uplifting background music and a good sweat he leads you to a place of peace and clarity.

“You can`t change the waves, but you can learn to surf” 





Kristi Knowles

After years of searching, reading, travelling and many different spiritual courses and meditation,  Kristi came across the practice of Yoga in 2005 in Cancun, Mexico.  She was so very blessed and privilege to have, as one of her first yoga experiences, the most wonderful teacher, Laila Kuri Muraid teaching Anusara Yoga.  Kristi was hooked from the start and has been living, talking and breathing yoga ever since.  Kristi has always shared her love of yoga with anybody who was interested in listening  and practicing.  Everything fell into place for her this year and she could eventually do her teachers training course with Yoga Africa, a truly life changing experience.  Kristi enjoys the benefits of yoga and she is blessed and excited to be sharing them with others.   








Karyn Velleman


Karyn teaches a blend of styles, incorporating dynamic flow, longer holds and more restorative postures. There is a strong influence on breath, awareness and the use of creative sequencing to establish balance in the body.


Karyn trained and qualified in London through the Yoga Campus (British Wheel of Yoga accredited and Yoga Alliance registered Diploma). Her work as a Bodywork Therapist is reflected in her teaching.











Kim Olivier


Kim stumbled upon yoga by mistake and decided to try a class of this ‘yoga’ thing that people keep talking about.  After her very first class she was hooked, life would never be the same again. To this day Yoga is her absolute passion and she often says she has yet to come across anything she loves as deeply as Yoga.  She did her first TTC under Jim Harrington in 2011 and a second TTC in 2012 under Tamsin Sheehey, Mariah Betts and Aldi Groenewald.  Kim has been teaching since November 2011.  She keeps up to date by doing regular workshops and modules to further her own practice as well as her teaching.  Kim lives on the lighter side of life and creates a practice for students which is playful and light, yet deep, encouraging students to explore within in a light-hearted way.  She believes in being in being present in every moment, teaching students to practice from a place of listening to their bodies in that moment.  Kim is currently studying Metaphysics.











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Journey into joy with Nia at

Sangha Spot every Monday at 5:30PM!


         NIA lGAil

Lose yourself in a heart-pumping, foot-stomping, gleeful workout that will leave you feeling centered and invigorated! 


Practiced barefoot to music, Nia is a fitness fusion of dance (jazz, modern & Duncan Dance), martial (tai chi, tae kawn do, aikido) and healing (yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique) movement forms. 



This cardiovascular, whole-body workout is adaptable to every level of fitness, every age and body type.  Movements are simple and repetitive to allow your body to relax and move in sensation whilst strengthening and conditioning the body. 




Please contact us if you wish to be included on our email distribution list to stay informed on the latest happenings at Sangha Spot Muizenberg.


See you at the studio J













Sangha Spot yoga & wellness centre,

20 Fraser road, Muizenberg, Cape Town




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